Through her expressionistic, gestural figures, Masha Ermeeva transcends complex emotional and psychological states, exploring such themes as femininity, personal and interpersonal relationships. 

Studying at the Art Academy in Russia, Masha went through intense traditional training and developed a strong understanding of a human figure and its proportions. After she relocated to the US, she graduated from FIU with BFA and continued her MA degree in Modern and Contemporary Art at Christie’s in New York. To dive deeper into the Art business of contemporary art, she took courses at Sotheby’s art institute in New York. Her diverse educational and cultural background allowed Masha to develop her unique style,  recognized by broad expressive brushwork, monochromatic palette, textures, and a sense of movement. 


From the Artist...


My art is autobiographical, and every painting is a living piece with a story and message behind it. I am interested in portraying a continuous transformation of identity, soul, and emotional states through the figurative subject. By capturing those states, I attempt to resonate with a viewer on a deeper, personal level, evoke memories, and open an inner dialogue. 

I find timeless beauty and inspiration in simplicity, minimalism, natural tones, and textures. For me,  movement is synonymous with transformation, which I try to transcend in my paintings via energetic, loose brush strokes and dynamic composition.